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Irene Darville


As a celebrated leader and mentor in her community, Irene is renowned for her ability to uncover the hidden potential, both in individuals and in dealing with life's circumstances. She firmly believes that each person has a divine destiny. Irene also believes that there are orchestrated paths in life that lead to the discovery of true purpose


Irene's personal spiritual journey began over 25 years ago during a period of profound despair. It was during this challenging time that she discovered true joy and her purpose in Christ. Since then, Irene has committed herself to continuous personal growth, always striving to become the best version of herself. Her greatest fulfillment comes from helping others realize and maximize their God-given potential, leading her to be ordained as a Pastor, a role she considers one of life's highest honors.


The world of entrepreneurship beckoned to Irene when she faced a pivotal decision: leaving her 12-year teaching career to support her family of four young children and her husband, then an IT professional. This decision, though difficult, proved to be the most rewarding professional choice she ever made.