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1742 N Pearl St Denver

Property Details

  • Subject Property: 1742 N Pearl St Denver, Colorado 80203
  • Property Type: 5-bedroom, 3-bath single-family house
  • Renovation Status: Renovation is completed, and the Certificate of Occupancy has been received.
  • Investment Readiness: Property is ready for investment now.
Investment Details
Loan Purpose

Down Payment for Refinance: Short-term loan into a 30-year mortgage.

Investment Summary

Total Investment: $400,000
Term: 36 months
Annual Return: 10%
Total Return: 30%

Return Table
End of Year Return
Year 1 $40,000
Year 2 $40,000
Year 3 $440,000

Why Invest?

Stable Returns

Stable Returns

Earn an annual return of 10% with a total return of 30% over 36 months.

Secured Investment

Secured Investment

All investments are secured by the subject real estate.

Renovated Property

Renovated Property

Property has undergone renovation and is ready for investment, reducing risk.

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